We bridge the gap between complex ideas and clear digital experiences, transforming challenges into strategic experiences that captivate audiences and empower your brand.

Hi! I'm Donna.

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"of course i struggle, I just don't quit!"

My path to design wasn't exactly linear. I spent years in the Bay Area tech scene, honing my analytical skills in the world of supply chain and contract negotiation. But beneath the spreadsheets, a different fire burned – a passion for creative solutions to complex challenges.

Then, a life-changing event propelled me to renovate my childhood home. It was there, amidst the dust and hammering, that I discovered the power of design to create intuitive and purposeful experiences. This revelation sparked a new journey, leading me to the world of brand and web design.

Whether it's crafting user-friendly websites on platforms like Figma, Shopify, or Webflow, I'm constantly pushing boundaries to make the digital world both simple and captivating. My goal? To translate complex ideas into clear, engaging experiences that resonate with users.

But design isn't my only passion. When I'm not designing websites, you'll find me hiking, or getting lost in the vibrant tapestry of a new city. These adventures – from hidden gems of local art to the richness of different cultures – fuel my creativity and keep my design perspective fresh.



It's our priority to understand your goals and ask the questions necessary to share your vision. We don't just take on projects, we form partnerships, and believe successful initiatives are always rooted in good communication.

Effective Communication.

We believe clear and collaborative communication is the foundation of successful design. We actively listen to understand your needs, keep you informed throughout the process, and encourage open dialogue to achieve your vision.

Uncompromised Quality.

We're a team of perfectionists who collaborate to achieve exceptional results. Every detail is scrutinized, ensuring we deliver work we're proud of and that exceeds your expectations.

Embrace Flexibility.

We understand projects evolve. With empathy and problem-solving, we navigate challenges to ensure success. We expect curveballs and approach them with a collaborative spirit, finding solutions that work for everyone.

Problem Solving.

We believe creativity goes beyond aesthetics. It's about enjoying the challenge and using analytical thinking to bring ideas to life. We relish both the creative spark and the strategic thinking required to craft solutions that elevate your brand and achieve your goals.

Clients & Partners


"Donna’s biggest strengths are her ability to listen, problem solve and deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations. She is always positive and delight to work with which is one of the reasons she stands out as a designer."
Nada Miljković
Owner & Founder
Artist on Art
"Donna uses effective methods to generate organic traffic and attract new customers to our website. And she helped us with our branding that people identify with and she provides the right approach that resonates with our target audience that make a lasting impression on them.‍"
Soe Hau
Owner & Founder
"Donna nailed my website design! It is exactly what I imagined and even better. She helped me to clarify my vision and together we co-created a super awesome website."
Melissa Devera RD, CLT
Owner & Founder
Personalized Nutrition Coaching