about me
Donna portrait sitting at a desk.
Photographed by Cyntia Apps Photography
Born and raised in the sunny Bay Area. I'm intensely passionate about solving problems and crafting scalable solutions with intuitive, purposeful design. I'm driven when creating products and experiences that elevate our lives and communities. Curious and detail obsessed by nature, I constantly find ways to make things better than when I discovered them.

I've always enjoyed design however I found my love for design while renovating my childhood home. Coming from a Supply Chain and Program Management background, I started my career within the bay area tech industry where I utilized my problem solving skills and analytical thinking. This may seem like a drastic change but in some ways, they are actually very similar. For example, I learned to problem solve, determine the cause of the problem, identify, prioritize and select alternatives for a solution, then implementing a solution. All of these apply to design and I'm so grateful I leaned into the design world. Because of it, I have a unique perspective when tackling design problems and even life.

If I'm not in Figma or Webflow, you can find me hiking and exploring along the coast. I enjoy traveling in search for that perfect piece of local art and immersing myself within the culture. In my spare time I volunteer at a local non profit, giving back to my community and small businesses in the area.
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