about me
Donna portrait sitting at a desk.
Photographed by Cyntia Apps Photography
Lifelong learner, passionate problem-solver, and design enthusiast. That's me!  

My career shift from the Bay Area tech scene, where I honed my analytical skills in manufacturing and contract negotiation, might seem unexpected.  But my core drive to find creative solutions for complex challenges has always burned bright.

This passion found its perfect outlet in design.  Fueled by a childhood home renovation project and a natural curiosity, I discovered the power of creating intuitive, purposeful experiences that elevate our lives and communities. Whether it's through Figma or Webflow, I'm constantly iterating and pushing boundaries to make things better.

Beyond design, I find inspiration in nature hikes and coastal explorations.  Travel broadens my perspective, letting me discover hidden gems of local art and immerse myself in different cultures.

And when I'm not designing, you might find me volunteering at a local non-profit, giving back to the community and small businesses that fuel my creativity.
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